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As its name suggests, Good Eats is based on a simple proposition done extraordinarily well: serve really good food at a reasonable price and the world – or at least Tobago – will beat a path to your door. It works. With lunch prices never more than US$15 per head, there is always a local special, such as baked chicken & macaroni pie, or Creole lobster with sweet potato, and popular international dishes, like grilled chilli-citrus fish or boneless slow-cooked lamb shoulder. Breakfast starts at an unbelievable US$1 and doesn’t rise above $9 – and offers just as much or even more choice as lunch, including Tobago’s own roast-bake & salt-fish and fried bake-and-shark. This is great food at an even better price, served with real customer attention and genuine Tobago affection. The only danger in going to Good Eats once is that you may never go anywhere else!

Sample Menu

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Breakfast Mini tortillas Jalapeño tortillas witih choice of one topping (egg, sautéed vegetables, chicken, beef, turkey, tomato choka) garnished with sour cream, corn and cheddar/pepperjack cheese. TT$6 (additional topping $5)

Fried bake & shark Served with choice of one trimming from lettuce, pickles, salsa or shredded cabbage.  TT$30 (additional trimming $5)

Smoked salmon With potato scone, spinach, poached egg and mustard sauce. TT$50


Grilled fish With chilli citrus sauce. TT$65

Pepperpot chicken quarter  TT$50

Barbecued beef ribs  TT$75

Parmesan chicken sandwich Served in a bun with pesto mayonnaise. TT$35

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Call for Reservations
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PAYMENT - Cash / Debit / Visa / MasterCard
FACEBOOK - @goodeatstobago
SERVING - Daily 6 am - 3 pm
PARKING - Street

  • Locate Good Eats, Corner Milford and Crompstain Roads, Crown Point, Tobago


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