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Food for Thought, Big Screens for Sport, but the Beer is the Main Event

At both Island Beer Chill & Grill outlets, you get the same high-end sports bar menu. (Try the Guinness-infused chicken.) But, for aficionados of real ale and fine craft lager, pilsner, bock and wheat beers, ciders and porters, the “beer” is the crucial word in the restaurant’s name. Choose from 120-plus different beers from almost everywhere in the world! You can’t miss a play on our big screens and, with 22 brews on tap, the mood is always celebratory. Even if your team loses, you have six score choices of how you drown your sorrows. The POS branch delivers and both offer curbside pickup.

Sample Menu

Download Chill and Grill’s full menu here


Blue Balls Hearty beef meatballs stuffed with creamy blue cheese deep-fried till juicy and served in our tangy buffalo sauce TT$59 US$9

Garlic Pork Traditional Portuguese dish made with bite-sized pieces of pork, marinated for days in garlic, wine, vinegar and an assortment of seasoning and then pan-fried into pieces of heaven TT$65 US$10

Chorizo Nachos Authentic corn nachos served with an all-American cheese dip with Portuguese chorizo sausage TT$75 US$12

Hearty Sandwiches

German Hot Dog Smoked German sausage with coleslaw, chopped onions and pickles, served on a 6-inch hoagie TT$61 US$9

Bacon Pulled Pork Shredded pork smoked for a minimum of eight hours, topped with crispy, streaky bacon, our signature barbecue sauce and coleslaw, served on a lightly toasted 6-inch hoagie TT$75 US$12

Main Courses

Texas Beef Brisket Succulent slices of tender brisket, smoked for a minimum of 15hrs and served with our signature barbecue sauce on the side TT$95 ½lb / $155 1lb US$15 ½lb / $24 1lb

Mayaro Crab Cakes 2-3oz crab cakes made of Mayaro crabmeat, mixed with the chef’s grandmother’s secret herb formula, to provide two crab cakes that burst in your mouth with flavour. Served with two sides and Cajun dressing TT$150 US$23

Trinidad Grilled Chicken and Seafood
 8oz chicken breast, 6oz shrimp and 6oz grilled salmon, served with fries and a house salad TT$240 US$37

Beef Sizzle
 Sizzling beef served on a hot plate with stir-fried onions, bell peppers and mushrooms in a beer reduction. Served with one side TT$149 US$23

PARKING - On site
PAYMENT - Cash, credit & debit cards
DINING - Air-conditioned / Open air
DRESS - Elegantly casual. No shorts. No caps. No sleeveless shirts
ENTERTAINMENT - Piped music - The best of the 80s and 90s
SERVING - Monday - Thursday 3:00pm - 12:00am
Friday - Sunday 11:00am - 1:00am

  • Locate Chill & Grill One Woodbrook Place, Woodbrook, Port of Spain
  • Locate Chill & Grill South Park, Michael Rahael Boulevard, San Fernando,


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