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Style + intimacy + great food = Café Coco

Within the synchronized décor of its dining room, which encompasses waterfalls, fountains, marble bathrooms, hand-painted tiles and statues – all set within impeccable landscaping – Café Coco creates such delightful individual pockets of intimacy that diners almost forget there are other tables. Café Coco’s food is even better! In the open kitchen, Tobago’s leading chefs prepare a wide range of reasonably priced, palate-thrilling dishes served by quiet, smiling, attentive wait staff. Expert bartenders prepare beverages you sip slowly to enjoy thoroughly – or drink down quickly and order another! Off-property catering means Café Coco pleasure can be enjoyed at your home, office or anywhere else!

Sample Menu

Click here to download our full menu


Breaded Deep-Fried Squid Served with a cucumber salsa and garlic aioli TT$100 US$15

Calaloo Soup With crab fritters and garlic croutons TT$50 US$8

Pimento Mexicano Chilli peppers with mozzarella, shrimp and tomato salsa TT$120 US$18

Three Amigos Trio of Aruban samosas with a curry dip (beef, chicken and vegetables) TT$75 US$12

Captain Barbossa
salad Shrimp and pak choi salad, cheese and cilantro dressing TT$90 US$14


Madea's Old Honey Barbecue Rotisserie Chicken Roasted half-of-chicken served with seasoned wedges, fresh salad and vegetables TT$150 US$23

Le Cafe Steak Frites Grilled Texas beef served with fries, salad and vegetables accompanied by a sauce Maurice TT$225 US$35

BRAISED LONG ISLAND BEEF RIBS With a stuffed baked potato, vegetables and fresh salad TT$175 US$ 27

toreador sub Grilled beef, lettuce and tomatoes TT$90 US$14
coco Cafe hamburger One patty, lettuce, tomatoes, relish, cheese, pineapple and bacon TT$90 US$14
Dessert - Cakes
CheeseCake   TT$55 US$8
dulce de leche  TT$55 US$8
chocolate mocha  TT$55 US$8
black forest  TT$55 US$8
red velvet  TT$55 US$8

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Call for Reservations
Click here to call us! 639-0996


PARKING - On-site/ on street
PAYMENT - Cash / credit & debit cards
DINING - Open air
DRESS - Casually elegant
SERVING - Monday to Sunday from 4 pm

  • Locate Cafe Coco First left off Pigeon Point Rd., Crown Point


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